Giving Is Living

The joy that comes from giving can never be over-emphasized. I was privileged to be among some young, vibrant, selfless, and goal oriented youths last weekend, who came out to volunteer for @givebacknigeria and help put smiles on the faces of people in an ancient town in Badagry, Lagos. Let the pictures speak...


Wounded Beauties

At three different locations, I found these butterflies on the ground. Perhaps they flew into fast moving cars. While laying helpless on the ground, unable to flutter around, their beauty still attracted me.

Travel Tales.

I've been in my village in Imo state for some time now. Below are pictures telling my story. 😊 To get to my village, you'll have to travel through this bridge which links the Western and Eastern parts of Nigeria. Well, I made sure I had a feel of the market life in my village.... Continue Reading →

Hustle Tight.

It is getting difficult by the day to make ends meet. Putting food on the table especially when one has a family to look after is not easy task.Even graduates with their degrees can't get a job some call 'decent job'.Well, 'decent job' is a topic for another day.Kudos to those graduates who stoop low... Continue Reading →

While I was away…

Hello everyone. I've missed it here. I trust you all have been doing very well. A lot has happened while I was away. I'd love to share my Children's day celebration experience on May 27, 2018. It was well spent volunteering with @givebacknigeria to put a smile on less privileged kids in Makoko community, Lagos,... Continue Reading →

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