The Muslim holiday is here. Ramadan is over, it's Eid Mubarak.


While I was away…

Hello everyone. I've missed it here. I trust you all have been doing very well. A lot has happened while I was away. I'd love to share my Children's day celebration experience on May 27, 2018. It was well spent volunteering with @givebacknigeria to put a smile on less privileged kids in Makoko community, Lagos,... Continue Reading →

Keep Moving, DON’T GIVE UP

Whether you're crawling, walking or running, as long as you're moving, don't stop. DON'T GIVE UP. In life, just as a bicycle, you need to keep moving to remain balanced. Life Goes On.

Life Goes On

Sometimes, life does not give us what we expect. It throws back in our face what we give. However, life goes on. Our reaction is an indication to how ready we are for tomorrow's challenges. Always remember that whatever happens, life goes on. It always does.

Cries Unheard

The innocent cries of a boy One who is affected by troubles not of his making The pain in the heart of a boy He sits there, lost, no joy nor rejoicing The world goes on, to him it pays no attention To his cries no one pays heed No one looks his way nor... Continue Reading →

The joy of travelling by road

Some weeks ago, I travelled by bus to the Southern part of Nigeria to volunteer for a cause. On our way, we stopped at different points to get some refreshments. The market there was crowded with travellers resting, buying and eating.

World Water Day

20180322 Many people do not have access to clean water. These guys find clean water and make it available to their customers. Water is life.

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